The Fear of God   

This blog is a collaborative work, written by a group of amateur writers, all of whom are passionate followers of Irish rugby. It is in no way connected to, nor endorsed by, nor seeks the endorsement of the Irish rugby squad and management, or the official governing body of Irish rugby, the IRFU. 


Neither is it in anyway involved with the organisers of the Rugby World Cup 2007, nor with any of its agents or sponsors.  


The articles published here are the sole intellectual property and responsibility of their respective authors, and may not be reproduced without the express permission of the individual authors. Any online resource who quotes from material originally posted here is requested to provide a link back to the original post. 


Any lazy journalist who thinks they can get away with copying and pasting content from here and passing it off as their own original work will be subject to ridicule throughout the Irish blogging community and beyond.


The name “The Fear of God” is in honour of Paul O’Connell’s famous words of encouragement to his team-mates, prior to the Ireland-England match at Croke Park on 24 February 2007, as captured in the RTE documentary “Reaching For Glory.”

(Warning: this clip contains *strong language*)



  1. Hello Guys!

    I think you have an awesome website, looks like its gonna be GREAT when the world cup starts 🙂

    I was just wondering if your interested in exchanging links, hopefully leaving this post you will have all the info you need to get back to me 😀

    Right now I’v got a pretty busy site, which is definately going to get allot busier during the world cup !

    Goodluck with your blog!

  2. Hi there!

    You didn’t leave a url in the comment for your own site. If you would like to send one on, we’ll see if we can get something going.

  3. Hey the address is http://www.myrugbynews.com 🙂 I’ve added a link to your blog!

    Just 7 days to go!! :]

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