Posted by: Gerry | October 20, 2007

Poor End To A Great Tournament

After seven weeks and 48 games the world cup has come to an end, and South Africa have been crowned world champions for the second time in twelve years.

As is often the case in major finals, the game it self was poor. Both sides played cagey rugby, neither of them willing to risk making a mistake that could cost them the chance of glory. In the end England lost a slew of players to injury and completely lost their shape. They were also desperately unlucky to have had what looked like a perfectly good try disallowed by the TMO. If Alain Rolland had chosen to go along with his first instincts, the try would have been given. He asked TMO Stuart Dickinson of Australia if there was any reason why he shouldn’t award the try. After a seemingly interminable deliberation, Dickinson came down against the Northern Hemisphere team.

Rugby World Cup 2007 will be remembered for many things, like England’s incredible renaissance which got them to the final against all odds; like Argentina’ double defeat of hosts France; for Ireland’s utterly cack performance; for New Zealand’s premature exit. The final will not be on that list of great memories.



  1. What did you expect. England are so boring. SA had to play them at their own game.

  2. I enjoyed the game! England had heart. and the try would have turned the game in englands favor.

    Africa were good but Were lucky with all the penalties they were given!

  3. “They were also desperately unlucky to have had what looked like a perfectly good try disallowed by the TMO”

    Are you sure about this?, I have looked at the replay over and over again and my opinion has not changed from my first reaction that his toe was in touch before he lifted his foot and grounded the ball.

    I was hoping for a good game but as usually happens the final of a massive tournament ends up with a nervous game from both sides which I’m sure is to be expected as no team wants to lose everything when making it that far.

    All in all I thought it was a great tournament, its just too bad the likes of fiji and Tonga did not progress farther as it was their games I enjoyed the most, truely exciting rubgy the way it should be played.

    All credit to England for recovering from the early SA defeat and reaching the finals too but I felt that overall SA were worthy winners. Ireland were a complete disappointment, which is a shame as the potential was definately there but yet another case of the Irish snatching defeat from within the jaws of victory.

    I look forward to the 6 nations and the next WC.

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