Posted by: theswissjob | October 11, 2007

The worm is turning?

So it seems that the IRFU may not be as daft as they look to the outside world. Or at least they could be seeing the error of their ways in forking out a four year contract to “our Eddie” before the disaster that was the world cup.

Immediately in the aftermath of the “pool of death” where we didn’t show up against the minnows, let alone Les Bleus and the Argies, the IRFU stated in no uncertain terms that they would honour Eddie’s new contract and that his job was safe. Tammy Wynette would have been proud.

And while international rugby boards around the world were dropping their head coaches like hot potatoes the IRFU made their bed and climbed in with O’Sullivan. All was well and we resigned ourselves to another four years with the same coach, and team if his previous selections are anything to go by.

But, low and behold, today the first cracks in the relationship seem to have appeared. The big cheese of Irish rugby, Philip Browne, has claimed that the IRFU “will not be held to ransom by contracts or anything else”. While not exactly ground breaking in itself, the sentiment seems to point to a little domestic argy bargy in the IRFU ranks. He goes on to say:

“I think we must sit down in the cold light of day and once the dust has settled actually do a professional review of the team logistics, medical fitness, players and coaching staff and the administration. We will make an assessment then.”

That’s more like it. Never mind a U-turn, I get the feeling we could be seeing a “big illegal three point turn on a busy motorway” soon. Has anyone got Eddie Jones’ phone number?



  1. They’re just going through the motions. They’ll review the situation and come to the conclusion that they were right all along to offer EOS the contract. It’s just a criticism-dodging exercise.

    Mind you, who’s the alternative? Do we want to be like Wales, changing coaches as often as they change strips? What good has it done them? Yeah, Eddie’s tactics during the WC were flawed (I’m being nice here), but we all loved him back in February when England were beaten in Croke Park. Someone doesn’t go from being great to hopless overnight. Until there’s a viable alternative I think we should stick with him.

  2. I think we should take courage from these sorts of statements. For instance, I took a huge loan from the bank a few years ago. Henceforth, citing the IRFU, I think I’ll refuse to be held to ransom by the contract.
    That’s how it works, isn’t it?

  3. EOS has completely blown it and needs to be fired – immediately. Phillippe Brown’s words may well be peacemeal for the media and us but its not acceptable for EOS to stay. He had the players playing in straight jackets three years ago until media pressure forced him to let them play open rugby. I’m annoyed that he allows the players to accept responsability – every player surely gave 110% in every match in the RWC but their heads were not right – that Ediie’s fault. He has no skill at man management. He’s a machine and has turned his/our team into one also. No ideas or creativity. And what about being knocked back in every tackle in every game?? thats unacceptable also! I’m so tired of hearing the words “training was great” “very robust” – so what? Ediie has grasped every excuse from the timing of the RWC not suiting the northern hemisphere to not enough game time and many more. When the coach says “i dont know whats wrong with the team” and “i dont have a magic wand” it means he is out of his depth. Eddie looked scared during many press conferences and TV interviews – hes got some bottle though if he’s trying to stay around. Bet you the Lions wont want him – why should we? Enough politics and spin from Phillip Brown please – get to the point and fire Eddie. Maybe Graham Henry might like a few seasons here.

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