Posted by: Gerry | October 1, 2007

IRB Rankings After Pool Stages

Now that the first shake-up is over, the IRB rankings have been released.

The top five all stay in the same order – New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Argentina and France. England take sixth place from Ireland, pushing our boys down to seventh. Scotland are up two places to eighth, and Fiji are in the top ten at ninth place. The team Fiji sent home at the weekend, Wales, drop two places to tenth. Italy do likewise, falling from ninth to eleventh.

Further down the rankings, those mighty Namibians who caused us so much difficulty in our opening match, dropped one place to 25th.

Full rankings here.



  1. May I add a few words?
    Rugby entered my country, Argentina, via the sports-masters of the English, Scottish and Irish schools that opened here in the Victorian era and up to the first half of the XXth century. I am a Cardenal Newman College old boy (Irish Christian Brothers’ school in Buenos Aires) and have played rugby for my school, beginning at the 9th division (1947) and mobving up to the 3rd (1954). We were no more than 7 year-olds and the main command always was “tackle him low” screamed over our heads by late Brother Gallagher. By the way, three Pumas players began their careers in my school: the Contepomi twins and “the Bull” Ayerza. Also, Newman is the only school that has a team competing in 1st Division Argentine Rugby Championship.
    School rugby soon moved all over the country and many clubs began to create teams, particularly in the Northern District of Buenos Aires. Certainly the average country’s play level is by far less than the Pumas’ especially because
    many of these continued their training in Britain and Europe; but Argentina still produces good sportsmen in all branches of sport* and rugby is gaining a world space of its own since 1999. We have a pretty good XV. Not just the traditional 2, 8, 9, 10 & 15, but good players all across the board. The Irish should have known this before coming to the World Cup with their “B” team.
    B team? O’Sullivan said yesterday after the defeat (reported by The Guardian**)
    “we didn’t bring our A team” (Go raibh maith agat!). He thought that his barely prepared men would get through to the quarter finals just because they were very good in a not too distant past.
    Fortunately his thesis dropped down short of his dreams and the Irish (sorry, no pun intended) are back at home now, still asking themselves what could have happened. They should have watched the videos of our performances in this cup and those of the prior test matches. To my view they also lacked training. Our Pumas have the hardest nuts yet to crack but they have shown their class already. Why is it then that the Pumas are not included in the 6 nations?
    And, btw, why is it that a united kingdom brings 4 teams, one for each of the kingdoms united under a single crown?
    Thank you.
    * In 1947 we also built two cricket teams at shool (where I also played) but it had to be disbanded in three years time due to lack of opponents. Actually, there’s no cricket team in Argentina that could be able to compete internationally.
    PS: I’m married to one of the 1.5 million Irish blood Argentinians who descend directly from immigrants escaping the famine in the 19th century, especially from Cork. My eldest daughter married to an Irishman and gave me two Irish grandchildren.

  2. gerry
    i tell what we should have; a ranking for the most rubbish-looking shirts. check out the blog for more thoughts

  3. Hi there,

    Thanks for all the comments that you guys have posted on my blog. I wish thing would have better for you guys but in the end this is what sports is all about. One has to lose so that one can win.

    I can understand how you guys feel. It’s the same feeling that we always have with our football team. Over and over despite possessing some of the best talent in the world, it seems we always fall when it really matters. The latest being the Copa America in Venezuela recently. I’m sure you would have known the whole story right:-(

    However you guys played tough and played with your hearts out for that I salute you. It was probably the best rugby game I have ever witness but then again looking at history every Argentina/Ireland game was great to watch indeed.

    Good luck on future assignments and I’m pretty sure you guys will come back strong in 2011.

    Argie67, that was nice comment that you posted. It was very historical and educational indeed. Please do come and visit my blog @

    We would like to hear more from you.

    Oh yes, please drop by at my blog and give us your comments as the quarter –finals arrived. Your rugby knowledge will be highly appreciated.

  4. Even pretending to bother ranking teams outside the top 16, even the top 10, is frankly ludicrous.

  5. To Argie67 – with so many Irish connections you should be a wee bit better informed. We are definately not part of ‘4 kingdoms united under a single crown’.

    To get your question answered I suggest you contact the RFU – or the Scots or Welsh for that matter.

  6. to Mark on Argie67. You may be right politically in that the Republic of Ireland is not part of the UK, but the Ireland team also represents part of the UK, the Northern Irish part. It doesn’t sing the national anthem but that lame Irelands Call, it doesn’t even use the Irish flag. Can you really say it is an Irish team in the political sense, when it has a bit of a left foot in the UK?

  7. Can we leave Padraic Pearse out of this gentlemen’s field, dude? And the Scone? What is the currency in Ulster, Scotland, and Wales, btw? The quid perhaps? Does the Irish ‘roogbie’ team use the Éireann three coloured banner? Nope. Four colours, son…one for each county, owned and not owned… Don’t stir it up. Thanx John fer yer help. Bless you, mo cará

  8. PUMAS produced so far by the
    Cardenal Newman College in

    (Name and promotion year)

    Ayerza, Marcos Iván 2000
    Bruchou, Eduardo 1972
    Bullrich, Rafael 1989
    Contepomi, Carlos Alberto 1954
    Contepomi, Felipe 1995
    Contepomi, Manuel 1995
    Correa, Mariano Enrique 1970
    Devoto, Miguel M 1970
    Ezcurra, Emilio 1983
    Ferrando, Sergio 1977
    García Terán, Eduardo 1972
    Irarrazabal, Francisco José 1989
    Lanfranco, Martín 1983
    Marguery, Alejandro 1983
    Miguens, Ernesto Gabriel 1968
    O´Farrell, Javier 1972
    Prat Gay, Jorge 1979
    Tezanos Pinto, Miguel Martín de 1974
    Ventura, Rodolfo 1971
    Viel Temperley, Cristian E 1985

    Not bad, huh?

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