Posted by: Rambling Man | September 30, 2007

I resign as an Ireland fan

I resign as an Ireland fan – it’s official.

Out of the World Cup, a madman manager who is secure for the next 4 years, an out half who is finished (no smoke without fire ?) and a back row about as effective as that laxative I took last night after a feed of my mother’s famous spuds au gratin.

Not that anyone gives a sh*t.  Much like the rugby team who played with all the passion of a geriatric accountant’s Bible reading.



  1. Ireland is a great rugby nation and deserves all our respect. It wasn´t easy for us today, we deserved to win, that´s all.
    Better times ahead friends!!!

  2. posted by a disgrace to the irish rugby nation! stick together through thick and thin…and its thin at the minute! but we will bounce back, whethert it be 6 nations or the next world cup!

    yes im angry, yes im disgusted at the performances, however im irish thru and thru and will remain to support the boys from today and beyond!!!

  3. my post didn’t come across as even slightly tongue in cheek ??

  4. Yeah but it nearly didn’t cos the second para is pretty much spot on!

    I’m gonna use your blog to get something off my chest. It’s as clear as day to me that most of the people supporting rugby in this country haven’t a notion what they’re on about and clearly only started watching the game some time this millenium.

    Most fans and pundits seem to have no notion about the quality of other teams. Shiting on about a change of anthem or more ‘passion’ as if that would have made our opponents part like the Red Sea.

    Invoking Munster is more of it. That day against Gloucester they targeted a past-it rugby league player playing out of position at full back and won the game for that single reason. Totally irrelevant to today’s match.

    What are Ireland? Four or maybe five world class players and a bunch of honest pros who all need to be totally on top of their games for us to win anything. If any of those misfire (Rog, obviously, D’Arcy and O’Connell to some extent) we’re goosed.

    But because we’re winning triple crowns against frankly shite Welsh, English and Scottish teams people act like we’re the dog’s bollix.

    I feel sorry for the players because they’ve been hyped up to be something they’re not and it has crushed them. Then again they’re some bunch for talking the talk – it’s like listening to a company CEO sometimes.

    I’ll tell you thinking back to that super-serious, po-faced ‘Ireland’s triple crown’ documentary mockery makes me laugh right now.

    But no people won’t accept that we’re not as good as we think we are – there’ll have to be a ‘reason’ and off the post mortems will go…

  5. Dealga I’m pretty sure that most rugby-people knew we hadn’t a hope against Argentina. I certainly knew, but I wasn’t thinking that, instead I was trying to persuade myself that we had a slight slight chance. Why? Because hope and self-delusion were all we, as fans, had.

    And the players knew it too, you could see it in their reaction to the loss.

    And as for the whole anthem fuss, I agree that it is a non-argument. There were pundits today giving out that the irish team showed emotion at Ireland’s Call “too emotional to play” yet they praised the Argentine tears before they played France!
    Maybe it is just a case of not knowing where the problem lies and trying to find something to blame.

  6. Fence, did they know that before the competition or only in light of the group performances? Irish rugby fans pay worse than lip service to their opponents and at most thought the Argie game would be tight. The 6 Nations is absolute rubbish and we’re the second best of a bad bunch.

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