Posted by: irishflirtysomething | September 28, 2007

My Night of Passion with Ray D’Arcy*


 (Told in the style of Barry Egan from the Sindo**)

I’ve known Ray for years, so naturally when he asked me to join him for the rugby on Friday night I couldn’t refuse.

(As a teenager I used to watch Ray on the Den. In the pub on Friday the only spare seat happened to be beside Ray, who I have never met in my life. I asked him if it was free and then sat down. The chair was free as everyone else was too busy ignoring him and pretending that he wasn’t famous. God bless the Irish)

We had a lively debate during the match and shared the odd embrace when Ireland scored, which sadly wasn’t often enough for me or the team.

(I could hear him shouting at the screen and at one stage he brushed my shoulder when throwing his arms up in the air in despair.)

Afterwards we decided to catch-up properly over some food and I got to hear all the inside gossip about Today FM. Although it was clear that Ray wanted to share more than a Tiramisu for desert, he is a married man, so I made my apologies and left. The only passion we could share was rugby.

(The nice lounge girl put some mixed nuts on the table between us and we both ate some. Despite my best efforts to ear wig all I could hear were the odd phrases like baby and ratings. When the match finished he buggered off with his mates. So, ended my night of passion with Ray D’Arcy.)

*Ray is a famous Irish DJ on Today FM
**Barry Egan is a gossip writer in the Sunday Independent


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