Posted by: irishflirtysomething | September 21, 2007

The Holy Grail

I love a rugby match, it is like winkle-picking for men in low tide. To make things even better it also brings out the holy grail of men – rugby playing doctors. The key advantages of these guys are as follows; they are smart enough to study medicine, have a basic understanding of female anatomy, are burly enough to form a scrum and have enough stamina for 80 minutes of play. What more can a girl ask for?

Unfortunately, these boys are much sought after and getting near them can require a bit of tackling of your own. Also, they tend to be imprinted at a young age to be attracted to blond, straight haired cookie cutter south side girls. My shock of red curly hair and country accent tends to send them DARTing for their mothers.

The type of guy who is genetically pre-disposed to fancying me is in a field, somewhere in the west of Ireland with his hand stuck half-way up a cow’s rectum – he may even be a farmer. Either way he tends not to hang out in Cafe on a Saturday night and I can’t seem to drag myself to Coppers to find him.

Working on the principle that attack is the best form of defence to nab my holy grail I started preparations last night.  I got some blond “Hint of a Tint” and borrowed my sister’s GHD. The hint of blond turned out to be more of a subliminal message. An hour of finger-blistering GHD application resulted in my hair moving from a 90 to 45 degree angle on my head. Despite all these set backs I still feel confident about finding my grail  – wish me luck…..



  1. You might be on to a winner tonight Flirty, with the result likely to go against us, there’ll be plenty of rugby playing men out there needing a “shoulder to cry on”!

  2. Ah yes but if we get knocked out now that kills the reason of the season for me so no one wants them to win more than me.

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