Posted by: Gerry | September 21, 2007

“Th-th-th-th-that’s All, Folks!”

Well, that’s it then. Ireland’s World Cup is just about over.

After a decent enough start, Ireland just fell apart. They were not helped by the fact that referee Chris White was to all intents and purposes wearing a blue jersey all through the first half. He gave us nothing and pinged Irish players for anything that looked vaguely like a foul.

But the blame for Ireland’s defeat lies squarely with the men on the pitch and the coach. The line-out was a disaster. O’Callaghan should have been hauled off at half-time. O’Gara had another shocker. We have no back-up outhalf, so we would have been stuck with him whatever happened.

What is the point of appointing players to the bench, if the coach has absolutely no intention of using them? Gavin Duffy was never going to come on, but it was clear by the fourth quarter that Andrew Trimble was having a crisis of confidence. And the man that could have replaced him was in the stands.

So we face Argentina next week, and will have to bust a gut to beat them in order to come second in the group. If we do that, we’ll face the All Blacks in Cardiff, and oblivion.

This World Cup is a write-off for Ireland. We went in as genuine contenders and come out as minnows.

The wilderness years beckon.



  1. I think this irish team has been playing too long it is time to give them a rest. we need new blood in out team, we need younger faster and stronger men if we want to be successful in this game.. The french were a better team just like the georgans, Our team looks fit but I think it is the wrong type of fitness they have too much muscle so are not able to move get them back to lean and mean

  2. I remember saying on this very blog after the Namibia match that it would all end up worse than 1999… I’m afraid I was right. Absolute muck.

  3. ROG was off his game yet again. kicking away heard earned the ball. Missed an easy enough kick early on. Line out was a disaster. looked like we were going to lose every one of our own line outs. ruck ball way too slow. lack of a openside kills us. runners way to flat. why didnt we make some changes before the last 7 mins. need to make 6 or 7 changes for the argies. need a miracle.

  4. It was better but still not good enough.

    It is a team that has lost its way. A manager who has picked up agendas of his own. Looking at Lions jobs and afraid to upset the Syds in the IRFU? This token Ulster player thing is insulting to Ulster and the rest of the team. They should have played David Trimble instead of his namesake on the wing. His move inside was shocking.

    Poor Ronan! His personal life being hung out to dry and no replacement outhalf ready to take over. Humphries was treated so badly over the years that even the IRFU couldnt ask him to come back.

    The team needs a new captain. O’Driscoll is a magnificent player but doesnt seem to be a leader. O’Connell as pack leader seems to be fading also. Give that job to Flannery. This shite about asking the ref to explain every decision has become very annoying. Captain should motivate his team and organise stuff.

    That brings me to the French number 16 last night. I dont know why he chose to wear a white outfit trimmed with blue instead of the all blue outfits of his team mates. Bizzare decisions! His tackle on Trimble when he had an open line was fantastic. The push by Betsen on the ref was the move of the night. Touch judges should have gone to specsavers for that one. When he gave out to somebody on the Irish team for swearing I couldnt believe it. A game of rugby and he says “Language Timothy”!

    Reddan was a positive, the scrum stayed solid, there was a bit more fire in the belly, that’s about all the good stuff.

    Beat the Argies with bonus points anyone?

  5. Argies to aim for avoiding the All-Blacks anyone?

  6. This is the secret to beat the Pumas:
    Get your self the Tonya Harding´s bodyguards and knock on the hotel door of every Argentine player…
    Any ideas Baldrick???

  7. ..A plan so cunning you could pin a beard on it and call it a Chabal!
    Wait a minute!

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