Posted by: theswissjob | September 21, 2007

So many questions…

Why didn’t we compete at their line out?

Why did we give away so many penalties?

Why didn’t we find touch?

Why did our line out misfire?

Where were our set pieces?

Why were there so many knock-ons/dropped balls/missed passes?

How do/can we fix this malaise before Argentina?

Why didn’t I buy twelve beers instead of six? I need another three, at least.



  1. its the classic break up line: “its not you, its me”…well, it wasnt us, it was them, dominated lineout, possession, set piece. we were certainly better than against georgia and namibia, but still waayyy off our best. gutted!

  2. Hehehe! Please remember to hand in your keys and collect the deposit before you leave! See ya all in 2011!

  3. I’m heartbroken with the 3 matches Ireland have played so far.

    re: The French game. I think Ireland deserved to lose, but, I do think the ref was a tad liberal with his unlimited-advantage. I don’t think I have ever seen advantage go beyond 2 or 3 phases before. Certainly not 4, 5 and 6 phases, as it was in one case!!

    The pressure on the French was colossal.
    The pressure on the Irish just as colossal.

    But the pressure on the World Cup Competition, facing the loss of the host nation, must have been too much to bear.

    Don’t get me wrong. Ireland did deserve to lose but, with a bonus point, with a fairer ref.

  4. I don’t think we can blame the ref at all. He was terrible; but in a finicky way rather than an unfair way. he seemed to ping the French for the exact same things, but they were simply more disciplined than us.

    He was terrible and did ruin any chance of a good game though.

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