Posted by: Gerry | September 18, 2007

News Round-up, 18 September

Unsurprisingly, the team selection for Friday’s match against France makes most of the running today.

The Indo asks some questions of Eddie, such as “Where is the game plan?”, “Where is the passion?” and “Where is the leadership?”

Planet Rugby reports on Eddie’s admission that there is a ‘crisis’ in the Irish set-up. Meanwhile De Paper tells us of BOD’s thoughts as he prepares to lead the team out to play the French.

The official IRFU news site tells us that Eoin Reddan didn’t expect a call up for the French match.

Speaking of Reddan, An Spailpín Fánach looks back at some other Irishmen who made their competitive debuts in Paris and the fate that befell them on the day. Let’s hope young Reddan doesn’t suffer something similar.

Neil Francis was on The Last Word on Today FM last evening, and stated his belief that the reason Andrew Trimble was replacing Denis Hickie on the wing was because Rory Best was unavailable due to injury. He reckons there is a policy that an Ulsterman must be in the starting line-up. I snipped a bit out of the Last Word podcast, and you can hear it here.



  1. People have been saying that about nordie players for years. Fair play to Neil Francis for finally coming out and stating what others are afraid to – Hickie should be playing.

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