Posted by: theswissjob | September 17, 2007

The truth hurts.

RTE have an article on the reaction of the Namibian captain after their trouncing by France. Having played Ireland and now France he was asked about the difference between the teams:

“France are a much better side – and a better coached side as well.”

The Namibian coach also commented:

“We put Ireland under pressure and they made mistakes. The French are at a higher point at this stage and were the better side on the day when we played them. France will be close to winning the World Cup.”

Can’t argue with anything there really. It still hurts though! And doesn’t bode well for Friday evening. Lets hope Reddan, Trimble and Flannery are the shot in the arm Ireland need to salvage some pride.



  1. Well, they´ve lost big… it´s hard to say you sucked at it and not feeling embarrassed, the opponents must be really great then…
    About France getting close to winning the WC, well…., if dubious red cards continue….
    Irish fellas c´mon!!!!
    kick these pansies out of the Cup!!!!

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