Posted by: munstermad | September 17, 2007

Losing the plot

Has Eddie lost the plot? Clearly he has in my mind. Geordan Murphy is not in the 22, he should be in the starting 15 for christ sake. What planet is Eddie on when he thinks Trimble or Duffy are more effective than a guy that has mesmerized throughout Europe over the last 10 years, won two European Cups and countless English competitions. Does he think we are fools when he came out with his half arsed excuse today why Murphy should be left out. I really don’t care how many positions Duffy can cover – if he is that good why has he only been in a handful of Irish squads since he went to Harlequins many years ago? Don’t get me started on the omission of Quinlan? Did Eddie not see the French / Argies game? We need to be in the faces of the French from minute one and we won’t get that with the current backrow set up – it has to trench warfare. We are not going to beat them by playing likes the Barbarians! I hope I am wrong come Friday evening but my prediction is France by 25. 



  1. Very little response from you on your initial predictions about the great Irish team. Join the Swiss Rugby team?

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