Posted by: Gerry | September 15, 2007

“Georgia, Oh Georgia, No Peace I Find…”

The horror show continues. We thought it couldn’t get any worse, but it just did.

Ireland nearly lost to Georgia. Read that again. Ireland nearly lost to Georgia.

Does Eddie O’Sullivan have any plan at all? Does he think that just by putting a team of nearly 800 caps out is enough to win games? What has happened to Ireland’s grasp of basic skills?

How on earth can we have the confidence to beat France next week, based on what we have seen so far? For both matches, Ireland simply couldn’t hold onto the ball. The handling errors were atrocious. There was no intelligent use of the bench. Why was Geordan Murphy left on the bench for the entire match?

I am lost for words. I really am.

The title for this post comes from this Ray Charles song, with thanks to Willie Joe for the inspiration.



  1. Major problems going on here. These players have had it too good. We need equivalent of the South African method.

    Send the bastards to the Blasket Islands for 3 months in Winter, make it a nudist colony, make them kill their own food, make them seduce their own sheep.

    Nowadays these players are so spoiled that they communicate by sending “their people” to ask the other bastard’s people to pass the ball.

    Ciaran Fitzgerald should give a pride talk to them but it might be difficult for some of the idiots to understand the concept.

    I despair!

  2. This time no excuses! It’s time for Steady Eddie to make some clear minded calls and earn the bloody confidence the IRFU have in him. There are more than a few of our ‘top’ players not performing as we all know. Something is seriously wrong in camp – there is no teamwork, passion or leadership. In my mind the following changes have to be made for the French.

    Quinlan in for Easterby – the Llanelli man is clearly out of sorts and nowhere near his spring form. Quinlan will bring much needed abrasiveness and streetwise ability that is required.

    Flannery in, Best out – Flannery’s ‘soft’ hands pass for Dempsey’s try, his accuracy at the lineout and his workrate in the loose. Say no more! Best is nowhere near Flannery in terms of ability and god knows what O’Sullivan sees in him.

    Murphy in for Hickie – While Dennis is probably our best finisher over the last few years he hasn’t been at the races recently. Geordan Murphy deserves his chance and he will have a point to prove after Croke Park in February.

    The rest of tonight’s starters get another chance only because we have no one good enough to fill their places!! God help us on Friday – start the rosary’s now.

  3. Guys…you were so lucky today…
    It was a miracle that Georgians didn´t know how to finish it… wasting precious momentum by kicking drops…
    so lucky….
    Gerry…do you still think Ireland will beat Pumas?
    Rugby World is changing, man…

    bonne chance with the frenchutes!!!

  4. Munstermad

    Yep, I’d go along with all of those. Eddie has to do something, or else the last four years are a complete write-off.

    Staff Admin
    Based on what we have seen so far, no. My initial assessment was based on Ireland’s form in the Six Nations, but that seems to have deserted them completely.

  5. i can’t believe it… :0

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