Posted by: Rambling Man | September 14, 2007

Prediction for Georgia game

And so to the next match. Ireland take on the hefty looking Georgians at 8pm tomorrow night (Saturday).

It’s time to make another prediction and having pondered on the previous posts – some critical and some supportive – I have decided to put it out there that I think Ireland will put at least 50 points on Georgia. Is my new found “a week’s a long time in rugby” thinking misplaced ?

So here it is – my prediction : IRELAND 52 GEORGIA 13
(hummed to the tune of “The 12 Days of Xmas”)

6 very good tries, 5 con-versions, 4 long range penalties … aaand a bonus point iiiin the bag

As for who will score them ?
Tries – Horgan (2), Dempsey (1), O’Driscoll (1), O’Gara (1) and Horan (1)
Conversions – O’Gara (5/6)

Call me mad …



  1. I think you have it pretty spot on. Although what do I know! I think we’ll have the better part of the play after a tough opening fifteen minutes. They’ll score a consolation try either right after half time or at the death. Bring on the French.

  2. yeah, i second that prediction. georgia will obviously go mental for a while and scoring will probably be slow, but they’ll tire and then ireland will run in the tries.

    ireland are an awesome outfit and i don’t see them playing poorly against georgia.

  3. Keep the powder dry!Score four tries and remove our crucial players as soon as possible.Never mind about the recent rustiness,continuity will emerge along with the required passion in the big games to follow.

  4. Oh dear

    We were bad tonight 😦

  5. yep!!!
    you are mad!!! 🙂

  6. It’s spring in New Zealand. The sun is warm. The smell of blossoms in the air. The sound of birdcall all around. Hmmmm.

    How’s the climate in the Northern hemisphere….?

  7. Michael

    Here in Ireland we had a terrible summer, with non-stop rain for about ten weeks. However, the autumn isn’t too bad.

    There is however, a large black cloud over the heads of all Irish rugby supporters. 😦

  8. i hereby promise never, EVER to make a rugby prediction again … i’m beginning to think it was just me …

  9. Guys you overestimated your lads… you narrowly escaped a shocking loss.. Rambling Man, may be its better you consult astrologers.. that night stars position was on our side…and it continues so untill mid October.. :)))

    As for your stars.. I dont think there is any on your sky (or team) anymore…

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