Posted by: Gerry | September 14, 2007

England Whitewashed

As an Irishman, I rejoice when we beat England at rugby. But tonight, I took absolutely no pleasure in seeing our neighbours suffering the first whitewash of this World Cup. It was painful to watch. England is a proud rugby nation and they did not deserve this humiliation.

I feel really sorry for Jason Robinson, who busted a gut out there tonight. For long periods in this match, he seemed to be the only Englishman playing rugby. That he should pull a hamstring when England looked like making a promising move must have been heartbreaking. As he was being helped off the pitch, my wife and I stood up and applauded him.

But South Africa were in control from the start. England didn’t even contest the lineout. South Africa were disciplined in their own half, so the opportunity to capitalise from penalties was limited. There was no out-half wearing white, so drop goals were never an option. England had no maul and no cutting edge in the backs.

The World Cup needs strong northern hemisphere teams as counterweight to the crash-bang-wallop merchants of the southern hemisphere. A weak England is not good news for European rugby. Some Irish fans will laugh at England’s misfortune tonight.

I am not one of them.



  1. I share your sentiments. I was just talking to my father who was watching the game in his local down in Cork. The one thing he could not get over was the vast majority of the pub cheering on the Springboks. I simply cannot understand these muppets! Surely they would prefer to see the Springboks being pushed all the way. It’s a bit embarrassing really that we still carry on that way when England are defeated in any major sporting competition. It’s about time we move on.

  2. I was in Dublin when Ireland thrashed the Poms and they got no sympathy so a warning from the southern hemisphere countries.Be afraid very afraid.

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