Posted by: Rambling Man | September 11, 2007

Wallace offers words of wisdom

Ireland no.7 David Wallace has offered the baying public a few thoughts on the team’s poor performance against Namibia the other evening …

It is a brief enough article but it contains some worrying pointers as to how the players in general might be feeling.  Wallace says : “It’s impossible to say why we played so badly, so how do you change it? Is it a mental thing? I don’t know.” 

I find it a tad worrying that the team does not know why the performance was so poor – were they so assured of the winning points that they actually did, mentally switch off ?  And that they might not know how to change it ?  Surely they themselves, as well as O’Sullivan et al. pick out things to improve upon ?

He goes on to say :  “There is concern, obviously. We have had a good couple of good seasons and we must remember that, because you don’t become a bad team overnight.”

Not wanting to labour on the point but how prepared are they ?  How mentally strong are they ?  If they went out and were finding it impossible to figure out why things were going wrong, does it not point at a nonchalance and even an arrogance of expecting to win without even trying ?

I think the performance against Georgia will be much improved – but maybe not the 100% turnaround in fortunes that we need and that will have the French worried !

And on a smaller and annoying note (at least to me), why was it necessary to asterisk out the word ARSE in that column ?  It’s an arse – everyone has one, every man, woman and child in the world uses the word and their a*** !



  1. Arses all round I’d say. I think Georgia are going to enter a whole world of pain when we meet them. But it won’t mean diddly squat when we meet Les Bleus.

  2. […] I’m going to persuade myself that there is a positive. That the fact that the players don’t really seem to know what the problem is won’t mean a repeat is on the cards. I’m going to try and pretend […]

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