Posted by: Rambling Man | September 11, 2007

The same team vs Georgia

It’s the same team vs Georgia – with the exception of Horgan in for Trimble, who must feel hard done by !

What’s the point in bringing Murphy, Duffy, Carney and the likes if you don’t play them – even against the minnows ? And Quinlan doesn’t even make the bench !

Eddie – I’m beginning to have my doubts !



  1. I’m really beginning to wonder about Eddie. The team was utterly shocking against Namibia, and he sends out virtually the same XV to face Georgia.

    What happens if they fail to fire next Saturday too? At the moment there is no evidence to suggest that an improvement is on the cards.

  2. I am not at all surprised. Just seriously annoyed.

    I think we could see worse than Lens 1999 yet folks. I hope I am wrong.

  3. i think its because its HIS team, so to speak. He has brought Irish rugby forward over the past 6 or 7 years and he’s being loyal to players who served him well.

    its the same with the soccer team – they are playing the same team too tommorow – sometimes loyalty can backfire. but i seriously don’t see the point of having all our “top” players knackered come argentina – i mean this is it now – there are no other games to try the likes of carney, quinlan etc.

  4. Eddie was lying on the beach contemplating his team selection for the encounter with Georgia when a large seagull flow over and deposited its droppings on his head.Eddie jumped up shouting to Brian for a tissue,when a passing Georgian fan suggested to him that the bird was probably too far away by now!!
    The bird droppings obviously affected his selection and with ten minutes of the game remaining, the Georgians may be too far away also.

  5. Because of the ineptitude of the performance the other night, I feel Eddie had no choice but to pick his first XV. As we know, he’s not been called Steady Eddie in the past without reason. The players have to put in a decent performance before France and they can’t do that sitting on their arses. After watching the Georgian performance tonight I am kind of glad our big guns are playing. I would have had Flannery in though!

  6. I also agree with the above post, the first team need another game under their belt before the other two games. I also feel flannery should be picked for this next game and also geordan murphy , quinlan should be at least on the bench. We need a big game especially from paul o connell who was very disappointing in the last game.

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