Posted by: irishflirtysomething | September 11, 2007

Girl’s Guide to Rugby

Big thanks for the invite to post.  For those who don’t know me, I am a single gal in Dublin with a penchant for Rugby boys, hence my interest in the sport.   So, for a less than traditional view of rugby and how it relates to scoring men feel free to read on.

Well the season has kicked off – literally.  I started off in Doheny’s with the France / Argentina match. For those of you not in the know this was a strategically important game as they are both in our group. Consequently the pub was jammed.  Luckily, I managed to get a restricted view seat, which was fine with me as I only needed to see bits of the match, generally the bits where they show a close up of someone’s arse or legs.

Now the key to scoring a rugby boy is to speak their language.  You need to be careful not to show too much knowledge.  (not an issue for me).  Remember you want to mate with them not be mates.  The second they start punching you in the shoulder and offering to buy you a bottle of Heineken, you’ve gone too far.

So here is the boy versus girl review for the France / Argentina game.  ( Ireland game to follow  )

Unlike the Six Nations the Rugby World Cup is about strength and strategy, planning your way over the line isn’t enough, you need to be able to push your way there as well.


Oh my God have you seen the Argentinians, we are like a team of fly-halves in comparison.

France may have been the favourites going in, but they just didn’t perform on the night.


In terms of looks and bodies the French were my favourites and it will be a visual catastrophe if they get knocked out early.

The Gaelic love of Jerry Lewis found its way onto the pitch as the French fumbled and fluffed their way around the ball.


Granted they looked bewildered every time a ball approached them, but you can’t expect them to be smart and beautiful.

France will be on a mission to redeem themselves against Ireland after Friday’s performance.


We’re fucked.



  1. Cheers for that guide! I hope you keep posting with more tips….believe me, they are much appreciated as our interests are aligned on that score!

  2. Could have put it better myself……..can we have more of this type of apres-match analysis please??

  3. Kate and all similar thinking ladies… Bective Rugby club in Donnybrook are having a pre-match BBQ on Sat starting at 6:30 or so. If your looking for a venue to watch the match while being surrounded by rugby fellas you could certainly do worse. Its €10 in incl food and a pint and for that I can guarantee you’ll be the center of attention and you prob make it back in free drinks from the lads…

  4. 😀

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