Posted by: fence | September 11, 2007

All doom and gloom

Okay, I’ve had enough with the moaning, the complaining has gone on long enough. Yes the Namibia match was as poor as poor can be. There is no denying that it was shocking in its ineptitude. But I’ve decided that I can’t go with the pessimism any more. Purely from a personal view point.

Instead I’m going to persuade myself that there is a positive. That the fact that the players don’t really seem to know what the problem is won’t mean a repeat is on the cards. I’m going to try and pretend that 4 poor performances don’t mean this is a pattern, or the decline of this team.

Instead I’m going to take comfort in words I read on another blog

They’re smart men, our rugby boys; they speak well and they’re no fools. They know more than you or I about what went wrong on Sunday, and have done enough in recent years to warrant a bit of faith.

A little quiet voice may whisper that they really haven’t done anything, no Six Nations title, no Grand Slam, but I’ll shut that up by thinking of the Triple Crowns we’ve won. And the performances we’ve seen this team give.

Time to keep the faith.



  1. That little quiet voice should be a little louder. Because you’re right, what have they done?

    Despite the bad timing of the 10 White Nations, it’s blatantly obvious already that tri-Nations rugby is light years ahead of the 6 Nations.

    Because of the England game and, possibly, the Italian game no one remembers how bad Ireland were in Scotland and Wales – and they’re muck.

    The mess that is rugby in the UK has deluded people in this country into thinking our first-15 is better than it is. We have 5 class key players at best and if any of those misfire, like the other day, we are very ordinary.

  2. Buck up boys (and girls)- I just finished watching the replay of the Pumas v. Georgia and was not too impressed. Looked like a completely different Puma side. And while I didn’t get to see the Namibian match, I’d say this: This tournament is a long haul – and there’s plenty more rugby to be played. I think the Irish are in pretty good position to control their own destiny…

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