Posted by: johncav | September 11, 2007

Alan Quinlan Must Play

Sooner rather than later. Why so? Here are my reasons:

  1. Simon Easterby does not appear to have the appetite for it right now. Desire is never a problem with Quinlan. Pride either.
  2. Neil Best possesses a fearsome tackle. Neil Best can never be faulted for effort… However, that seems to be it in terms of what he brings to the Irish pack. Perhaps he would be better suited to the role of impact sub? Is he in actuality something of a value brand Chabal?
  3. Alan Quinlan is infinitely more experienced than Best. In the past he has pulled out big displays when needed for Ireland (and Munster). Not something Best has not accomplished thus far… They were friendles in the autumn folks.
  4. Quinlan is a more instinctive leader than both Easterby and Best. He shouts, you listen… Need we remind ourselves of how utterly rudderless the Irish were against Namibia?
  5. If we reach the quarter final stage and beyond, then rest assured we will certainly require the services of Quinlan at some stage. In some form. In some position. Would it not be wise then to give him some game time now?
  6. Bring in Quinlan and Flannery, and what do we have? An all Munster pack. Obviously not a bad thing… If anything, they could do no worse than The Namibia Incident.
  7. Quinlan was perhaps the form player for Munster towards the end of their season. The epitome of consistency. Furthermore, he was one of the few Irish players to complete the summer tour of Argentina with even a modicum of credit to his name.
  8. That try against the Pumas!

There, I’ve said my piece. Thoughts?



  1. I concur. Cant see Quinlan getting picked tho. More hope for Flannery.

    Was very dissapointed with O’Connoll/Wallace/O Gara.. but fingers crossed that with so little rugby since April that we can only get better.

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