Posted by: Gerry | September 10, 2007

IRB Rankings After First Round

The IRB have published their world rankings after the weekend’s action in the World Cup. Argentina’s win over France has caused the most turbulence at the top of the pile.

South Africa’s comprehensive win over Samoa elevates them to third position, while Argentina also clamber over France to claim fourth place. France drop to fifth, bumping Ireland back to sixth.

Which means that Argentina are now the highest-ranked team in our Pool.



  1. why they have rankings in the middle of the world cup, never mind right after the first week, i really don’t know…! what idiots.

  2. Ahhhhhhh – so this is the fear of god 🙂

  3. rankings are revised after all games. it is more meaningful to do this after some games that matter rather than in friendlies where some countries field below strength teams and stats get skewed. aftet this weekend its hard to argue against 4 southern hemisphere teams in the top 4 positions.
    if Argentina joined the 6 Nations they would be favouirtes to win it!

    I do not the World Cup points system. Ireland got the same number of bonus points as NZ, SA and AUS who really blew away their opponents.

    Italy score two tries and should have been awarded a penalty try against the speartacklers but get no bonus point whereas Frabnce get one because they were although tryless within x points of the Pumas. as Italy are much stronger than Namibia, it might be better to come third rather than second and face the haka in Caridff!

  4. Jean Pierre –

    Even if the IRB didn’t do it after every match, the press probably would, as they are familiar with the criteria the IRB use.

    irishflirtysomething –

    Were you expecting something of a more spiritual nature? 😉

    Veronica –

    Bonus points work like this. A winning team that scores four or more tries gets a bonus point. A team that loses by no more than seven points also gets a bonus point.

    Ireland got a bonus point because they won and scored five tries. Italy would not have gotten a bonus point because they were nowhere near the seven point deficit. However, France lost by five points and so got one.

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