Posted by: theswissjob | September 10, 2007

For the love of God…

Monday mornings are hard enough but this morning really takes the biscuit. The lingering hangover from the stag do, not to mention the chronic wind, the sleep deprivation, the start of the working week and that’s before I got in and checked the internet. Now I have the shame of my weekend predictions to take, the complete lack of any conviction in the Irish team, a growing admiration for Namibia and a strong feeling that we’re going to have a tough time getting out of the group, never mind facing New Zealand in the next round. The small ray of light in this otherwise dark morning is that I’m somewhere near the top of the fantasy league and so all’s not lost. Yes, I know I’m clutching at straws!

I realised very quickly this morning that I should have stayed in bed, or the pub. What went wrong at the weekend? I watched the All Blacks game, the South Africa game and the English game and managed to miss the two important ones. The Argentina victory and the bumbling mess of us against Namibia. I did catch the first ten minutes of our game and thought we had it in the bag. Much like the Irish soccer team at the weekend we seemed to almost give it away in the last thirty minutes if the game reports are accurate.

The fact that we managed the bonus point is at least something and everyone, bar O’Driscoll’s elbow seems to have come through unscathed. But the points difference is what could/probably will come back to haunt us at the end. 15 points against the 25th team in the world will not stand for anything at the end of the group. Looking through the stats on the IRFU site the numbers point to other problems:

Possession: Ireland 65% Namibia 34% BUT…

Territory: Ireland 41% Namibia 59%

Namibia matched us for time in opponents twenty two, roughly 6 minutes twenty seconds each. They shouldn’t have been in our half. And the error count tells it’s own story:

Errors: Ireland 18 Namibia 8

Very worrying and it instills an ominous feeling about our prospects. Either that or we’re lulling the competition in a false sense of security in a genius masterplan by Eddie and Co. Fat chance I think.



  1. Thank you so much Gerry for your comment at my blog.

    Please do feel free to post comments especially on your favourite team, Ireland.

    Do spread the word around about our blog

    Thanks mate

  2. If you take into account that the last Irish try should not have been awarded, the picture looks even worse… High five for the Namibians, though. After the warm-up belting they received from the Boks, they really restored some pride!

    As for Ireland: at least the guys in green won’t be away from home for too long – judged on yesterday’s (non)performance!

    Luckily RWC2007 still have the Springboks, the All Blacks and the Wallabies, otherwise it would have been a dull time leading up to 20 October…

  3. Having just got back from bordeaux ,I can confirm our teams performance was very average,and the support given by us fans was even worse i am sorry to say.The town was lets say only just prepared for this game,i was informed that the town mayor is not a rugby fan and it showed.i live in france so i am used to the awfull lack of toilets when at a big event,which we all know is so important when celibrating,not that there was any after the game.very subdued.
    I am looking forward to next weekend and visiting this nice town.I was lucky to be chating with a person close to our famous fly half and i asked if he spoke french,the reply was no but he wants to learn!!!!!

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