Posted by: Gerry | September 9, 2007

WTF, Like?

Oh, sweet mother of Jesus! What the bloody hell was that?

Ireland, ranked fifth in the world, run uncomfortably close by Namibia, ranked 24th. Ireland, whose players are all professionals, exposed by a team made up of a few pros and the balance postmen, delivery drivers and the like.

Make no mistake, Namibia fully deserved their two second half tries. At that point in the match, they were the ones playing all the rugby. They were the ones that were controlling possession and field position. Ireland meanwhile were dropping balls, being beaten off their own ball and having their maul sent backwards.

It’s just as well that we had Namibia first. If we had had Argentina or France, we would have been beaten off the park. Ireland really need to buck their ideas up before the Georgia match, or they could be in for another fright. And they really need to show some improvement before 21 September, before they face a wounded France.

What the hell happened to our forwards? Ireland’s maul was decidedly the runner-up tonight. We coughed up scrums and even a couple of lineouts. Best was a disaster at hooker and Flannery should be the first choice next time out. Where were our back row forwards at ruck time? Ireland were pinged several times for not releasing, and frequently had their ball slowed up by the Namibians.

The Irish players and management have to ask themselves if they really believe that they are genuine contenders for the World Cup. Tonight, they looked nowhere near that.



  1. I said pretty much the same thing on my blog, only in fewer, if unsavoury, words.

  2. That was chronic.

    Flannery and Quinlan MUST start from now on. That pack was utterly clueless tonight.

    Furthermore, I’ve always thought Best was hopeless. Tonight proved me right. Unfortunately.

  3. Jesus lads! I go away for the weekend and it all goes Pete Tong. Glad I only saw the first ten minutes, at least during that period we looked like a professional outfit. I’m suddenly re calculating all my predictions. Georgia are suddenly a threat.

  4. I haven’t seen an Irish “Performance” (or lack there of) like that in years!

    How can a team with such talent fall to pieces like that. It looked like almost every one of them was making their debut in an Irish jersey…. nerves all over the place.

    Best shouldn’t be let near that team again, he’s a liability!

    I’m crossing every limb or appendage I have that this was a blip in our WC campaign.

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