Posted by: johncav | September 8, 2007

Spanners and Spin

French admit to frailties. (Planet Rugby)

That was obviously unexpected. Although it is hardly the earth shattering result some are making it out to be. Let us consider a few factors: A French team under intense pressure and scrutiny, and they never choke… An Argentinian team with a superlative record against the French in recent years… An Argentinian team populated almost entirely by players playing for the cream of French club rugby… A coach as oft tactically inept as Bernard Laporte… The combined mileage of Betsen and Pelous…

The aforementioned Laporte had this to say about his side’s defeat:

 “At least we got a losing bonus point.”

The quote of the World Cup thus far, and one unlikely to be bettered… Small mercies or what?

O’Driscoll looks for Namibian mauling. (RTE)

Well, d’uh! Anything less than absolute destruction of Namibia will be a disaster, rustiness or no. Also, let me just say this… Eddie O’Sullivan’s selection of a full strength team for this match is not somehow “inspired” in the wake of Argentina’s victory. (As was suggested on TV3 last night.) Ireland were always going to need to rack up a big score in this one. The Group of Death? Basic foresight? Anyone?

P.S. At the time of posting New Zealand lead Italy 43-0. After 29 minutes. Eek.



  1. Well, England certainly looked formidable. I didn’t give us much chance of keeping them under the century mark. With a performance like that, I would think there is an outside chance they don’t make it out of the group stage 😉

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