Posted by: Gerry | September 7, 2007

Sacre Bleu!

France 12 – 17 Argentina

Well, that changes the script somewhat, doesn’t it?

Argentina well deserved their win tonight, as they just took the game to France, and the French had no reply. In fact, I think the French underestimated the Argentinean challenge. They obviously thought that Argentina would be strong up front and lacking in the backs, hence the decision to have five forwards and only two backs on the bench.

Argentina immediately took advantage of the fact that France had a non-full back at full back. They “did a Munster” and hoisted high ball into Heymans, which he fluffed nearly every time. The Pumas’ defence was superb, especially on their own line, as there was one point in the second half where France mauled their way up the park and camped on the Argentinean line. I was sure that a French score was going to come out of this, but fair play to the Pumas, they kept them out.

From an Irish point view, this is both a good and a bad result. Good in that we will come into the French game on the back of two bonus point wins (we bleedin’ hope so anyway), with our tails up. France will have to win that game to stay in the competition, and if Irish heads can stay calm, we should be able to send them, er, home. The bad way of looking at it is that they will be fired up and seeing as Eddie O’Sullivan has yet to work out how to beat France, we could get annihilated on their bounce.

We should still be able to beat the Argies, though. Their set pice wasn’t up to much, and if Ireland can control possession, then we should have the upper hand.

This could be the greatest World Cup ever, yet.



  1. It was a great opener. Really entertaining match, and from the anthems you could see how fired up Argentina were. Even after the match Pichot made sure to stop any celebrations, reminding them that this was only one match.

    As for how this affects us? Well, we should be able to beat Argentina, we’ll compete a lot more in the line-out and hopefully not fall into the same trap that France did.

    Against France I’d also be worried about a backlash. And about what they might do to our scrum. Then again, we always seem to do just enough to stuggle through. I’m staying optimistic.

  2. I think it would be a fitting response after Croke for Ireland to send off the French on the 21st…then polish off the Pumas to take the pool. As we say here in the states, ‘Ya gotta believe!’

  3. hi! I’m argentinian, an i’d like just to say that i’m really looking forward to watching Ireland-Argentina, since i think yours’s the best european team.. i hope we both clasify and leave fance without a chance. however, i hope this victory helps Argentina to give the place it deserves. we arn’t just the bottom of the world..

  4. Tomas

    That was a fantastic win by your guys. Before the match I swore that I would be neutral, but as the game went on I was cheering for Argentina.

    Ireland and Argentina to qualify from Pool D would be very sweet indeed.

  5. Impossible not to follow this RWC! First of all, I’m from Argentina and I’m fortunate enough to be working at the RWC. I’m following team Italy wherever they go, so I didn’t get to be at St. Denis for the opener and I won’t be at Parc des princes for the incredible Argentina v Ireland. But I will follow all the action, of course.

    It changes the script, no doubt Gerry.

    The way I see it, we won the “impossible” match on Friday. Now we’ve got to win the “very difficult” match against Ireland.

    Ireland’s style does not suit us as the French style does. We like to play France. They hate to play against us. And against you lot…well…I think it is slowly turning into a classic encounter. It’s always very close and it could go either way.

    One point I would like to make that I think could be crucial in the decision of this Pool D. By missing the last two penalties, Felipe Contepomi let France take that bloody bonus point and now both (Argentina and Ireland) we’ll have to try their best to get bonus in every one of remaining matches. It could prove to be very costly for Argentina. Here’s hoping it doesn’t.

    Good luck against Namibia!

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