Posted by: theswissjob | September 7, 2007

Liver bashing

I won’t be here for the weekend. When I say here, I mean Switzerland and bloggerland. I am off home to the Emerald Isle for a weekend of liver challenging frolics. I’ve got an excellently timed stag do which coincides with the start of the tournament. The victim groom and his brother are ardent rugby followers so we’re in safe hands I think and the planned karting has been shelved in favour of “a few shandy’s” while watching the games.

But I will leave you with my predictions for this weekends fixtures. I’m hoping through the haze of alcohol and fried breakfasts to be able to say I got a few right!

France vs. Argentina – I think France will pip this one but by not much. I think from Ireland’s point of view I’d prefer the Argentinians to win it. Of course, a draw would be the perfect start to the tournament for us! France to win it by 7 points.

New Zealand vs. Italy – Italy are improving but they’ll never contain the New Zealanders. I can only see black for this game and I think it’ll be a hefty scoreline with Italy sneaking one or two consolation tries. New Zealand to win by 25 – ish points.

Australia vs. Japan – Another white wash I feel although the Japanese have shown glimpses of good play. But they’ll need more than that to do the Wallabies. Another big winning margin I fear, Australia by 18.

England vs. USA – Losing Mr. Wilkinson for this game could put a few doubts in the English minds and the USA have only been improving. Huge pressure on England as defending champions could also make this a tough opener. But they have class to see of the Americans and I think in te end England will run out comfortable winners by 15 points.

Wales vs. Canada – Another tough one to call but I think Wales have a point to prove after their warm up games and will come out all guns blazing. This one will go to the Welsh by about 15 again I think.

South Africa vs. Samoa – This will be a hefty game, I think the Islanders practise their tackling on trees! Having said that the South Africans are no softies either. They also have the more rounded team and should win this in the end. I’d say by 21 points.

Scotland vs. Portugal – The Portugese have to go into this game with a “nothing to lose” mentality and may see it as one of their better chances of getting points in this tournament. With the All Blacks and Italy also for company this represents a chance. But I don’t think it’s going to happen. The Scots to win by 20.

Ireland vs. Namibia – Ireland to win by 35. Need I say more? (And no, I haven’t started drinking yet!)

Let me know what you think in the comments and I look forward to the ridicule on Monday when I realise how far out I was!



  1. 35 points ! jaysis i put a bet on with pp yesterday for between 100 and 120 !

  2. Crazy – some of these matches are very one-sided and there will be wins for NZ, Scotland, Ireland and Aus of at least 50 points.

    Fra will be close and Samoa will cause problems, but nice starts for the big boys in this tournament

  3. Not a good start, SJ, but who would have predicted that one?

  4. You should have waited until you had the first twenty pints. You couldnt have got it worse!

  5. […] working week and that’s before I got in and checked the internet. Now I have the shame of my weekend predictions to take, the complete lack of any conviction in the Irish team, a growing admiration for Namibia […]

  6. Hi,

    How did the stage weekend go? I can think of nothing better than spending the weekend with the lads and watching the games!

    Best wishes,


  7. […] you agree with the predictions? God knows, after my last bout of predictions I’m bound to get some right? You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned any scores this […]

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