Posted by: theswissjob | September 7, 2007

Last chance saloon

There are but hours till the World Cup kicks off and you can practically taste the anticipation in the F.O.G blog camp. It’s either that or the left-over salami and jalapeno pizza I had for breakfast. Anyway, with exactly 12 hours to go to the tournament from…….now, it also means you have only 12 hours left to pick a dream team for the tournament.

Fantasy rugby game

You also have twelve hours left to tinker/fine tune your world beating side before the tournament kicks off. After that you are only allowed fifteen transfers. So get selecting.

Once you have selected your top fifteen then join the Fear of God league (PIN number is 915) and you can be up against the writers and readers of what is, in my humblest opinion, the best rugby blog on the interweb!

Are you tough enough?



  1. Hi There,

    Looking forward to the World Cup with full of anticipation. Can’t wait for the opening match and start cheering for my fav team, the Los Pumas.


    Please visit my blog : –

  2. I have joined The Fear of God League. The gauntlet has been thrown down.

    P.S. My level of contribution has been abysmal recently. That shall change.

  3. what can i say about the irish comments except i couldnt have ut it better myself. congratulations to argentina for turning over france tonight with a masterful dogged display. france adopted completely the wrong tacticsand played right into the pumas hands. i believe ireland will adopt much simpler tactics against the argies and exploit their achiles heel , the lineout. i expect to see o gara play a kicking game and pin the pumas in their own hal. the mistakes and the points for ireland will follow. eddie o sulivan has a innocence of countenance which would melt butter particularly when he said a win for the argies tonight would not be in irelands favour. how could france losing not be in irelands favour? he has the footage of tonights game to dissect in his own inimitablefashion and adopt a strategy to deal first with argentina and later with france. the home crowds displeasure with their natonal side seems to work against france and the pressure will b double that of tonight come the irish game.

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