Posted by: Rambling Man | September 5, 2007

Over the top odds ?

Jaysis, I’ve just been reading, no – not the Tongan who changed his name – but the bookies.  It gives some huge odds against Ireland losing their opener to Namibia … so big in fact that you’d have to be a donkey to part with even €1 on the game.

Wait for it !   1/750 !  That’s right – Ireland are 750/1 odds-on favourites for this match.  Surely this is a cunning ploy by the Paddy Powers that be (haha!) to stop people betting against teams to win.  Either that or, say if the odds were a little less frightening 1/100, to stop crafty rich buggers putting on a few hundred grand to make a handy few hundred.

We are also odds-on to beat Georgia and Argentina !  Nuff said.  no money to be made …

If you are that way inclined, you could do worse than throw a few bob each way on Heymans to score the first try of the World Cup at 16/1.

Note to self : think of more interesting posts …



  1. How about some predictions? Where do the Irish finish in the group? Will England experience humiliation losing to the US? Will everyone still hate the French when it’s all over?

  2. i’ll get on to it tom – i’m sure someone will beat me to it however …

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