Posted by: Gerry | September 4, 2007

News Round-up, 04 September

Brian O’Driscoll could be back in time for the Namibia match on Sunday (Indo.) Hope he’s not pushing himself out too early.

David Wallace is also reported to be back on track and is likely to start on Sunday. (RTE)

Joel Jutge will be manning the whistle on Sunday night. (Planet Rugby.) I can’t seem to find out who will ref the rest of our pool games. Does anyone know yet?(PleaseGoddon’tletitbeSteveWalshorTonySpreadbury!)

The Department of Foreign Affairs has opened a temporary Consulate in Bordeaux to cater for the needs of the travelling Irish fans. (RTE)

Peter Stringer’s thoughts about the Namibia match are reported in, while Geordan Murphy is penning a column for the BBC.

The (London) Times has a profile of the Irish team, with interviews with Paul O’Connell and Peter Stringer.

The Rugby Blog posts a novice’s guide on how to survive the tournament, and advises on what to say and what not to say.

Meant to put this one up last week, but it went missing – French women turn on to rugby. (Planet Rugby)



  1. France v Ireland – Chris White
    Ireland v Argentina – Paul Honiss
    According to the IRFUSC forum.

  2. Full list of referee appointments for group stages below. Gerry, you got your wish – not a sign of Messrs Spreadbury or Walsh!

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