Posted by: theswissjob | September 4, 2007

Eddie’s gems

During this World Cup I’m going to keep an eye and ear on Eddie O’Sullivans press conferences. I think it was last year’s six nations and he was giving a press conference and all I got from it was the number of phrases he used in his answers. Maybe it’s an Irish thing but I found it amusing and a welcome change from the usual robotic answers given out by coaches and players.

So for this world cup I’m going to start “Eddie watch”. A collection of his best bits from the press conferences during the tournament. Those occasions when a simple word would do but instead he throws in a sly simile, a mischievious metaphor or a hushed hyperbole. If you see any cropping up let me know but for starters, here’s one from the post training press conference in Dublin:

“I want to keep my powder dry on rotation between the first two games.”

That’s a cracker and God help the French media when they come to translating his wise words of wisdom! Sacre coeur!



  1. hahaha 😀

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