Posted by: theswissjob | September 2, 2007

Beginners guide to rugby

I’m sure most of our readers are wise old rugby heads who used to remember the four point try and the amateur days but I’m hoping there are some readers who are new to the oval ball game. To welcome you into the fold, I’ve Googled selflessly scoured the interweb to bring you some good guides to the beautiful game.

Want to know the “subtle” differences between a scrum half and prop forward? Here’s where to look:

BBC guide to rugby union field positions

Wikipedia entry for rugby union field positions

Don’t know when a ruck’s a ruck (you’re not the only one!)? Fear no more:

The official IRB rugby union law’s

BBC Sport academy laws of rugby union

Some humorous videos explaining the general rules and the offside rule (possibly the most confusing rule of them all!):

The armchair guide to rugby

Rugby union offside explained

I hope these will answer a few of the questions you have about the game. There’s loads more out there along with countless videos of rugby action on You Tube to watch and get up to speed with. Personally I’d recommend reviews of the Ireland vs. England game from this years Six Nations to see how rugby should be played! See here, here and here!



  1. Those two armchair guides seem to point to the same vidjo, I think the offside one should link here:

  2. Ah, the Ireland England match always puts a smile on my face. I have the entire thing on my mp3player, just in case I ever need cheering up 🙂

  3. Thanks Wain, sorted it now I think!

  4. Seems you caught those two VideoJug films just before the rest got uploaded — there are now 11 in total.

    you can view them all via this page:

    Hopefully they’re of some use…!

    All the best, and thanks for the links


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