Posted by: johncav | August 28, 2007


RTÉ secures rights for Euro 2008 (RTÉ).

So, RTÉ have coughed up for the exclusive rights for the UEFA Euro 2008 Championships in Austria and Switzerland. The move prompted UEFA’s Director of Marketing and Media Rights, Philippe Le Floc’h to pay tribute to to RTÉ’s quality coverage: ‘RTÉ is the leading broadcaster in Ireland and is a long-term partner of UEFA with vast experience in broadcasting major sports events.’

Ah, that’s nice. Fair play to our national broadcaster. They have played a blinder in securing the rights to this competition. The fact that Ireland will probably not even be represented at this competition is a moot one folks. Come next summer we can simply revel in the ‘festival atmosphere’ and marvel at the cult of Lampard et al. It will be such fun… Ahem.

While we (or at least I) nervously await the coverage of TV3 and mourn the vitriolic ramblings of Hooky and the boys, RTÉ’s trumpeting of this capture is a bit rich. Ireland are one of the top five teams in world rugby (allegedly) and not one single World Cup game will be seen on national television. Does this not annoy anybody else?

I’ve seen Sports Tonight folks. I’ve listened to Packie Bonner. Going by recent performances, merely watching the games themselves could be excruciating enough… Sigh. Here’s hoping it doesn’t all go horribly Bernard Dunne.



  1. I’m going to reserve judgement until the tournament gets going. We could be pleasantly surprised, but I’m not holding out any hope.

  2. I’m also reserving judgement. Although I do have the option of Setanta as well, and while their Magner’s League coverage wasn’t excellent, it was watchable.

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