Posted by: Gerry | August 28, 2007

“I’ll Take This Kick – Right After These Messages…”

Ireland’s elite players are no strangers to the lure of the sponsorship deal. BOD did some sports drink or other, Gordon D’Arcy is the face of Philips in Ireland, and who can forget Denis Hickie “making the right connection” with, er, Wavin pipes.


But if there existed an award for the rugby player who whores himself around the most, the winner by a length would have to be ROG. Newbridge Silverware, Samsung Electronics and AIB Platinum Cards all bear the endorsement of our No 10. Jessica must have expensive tastes in interior design or something, because I can’t imagine Ronan does these gigs on the cheap.


But what of the rest of the squad? What products would they be most likely to endorse? John Hayes as the face of Toyota forklifts maybe? Peter Stringer recommending a distribution system?


OK, I’m stumped. Your suggestions in the comments please.



  1. Paul O’Connell advertising anger management courses, “how to channel your aggression!”

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