Posted by: theswissjob | August 28, 2007

I love a bit of lycra…

My new official Ireland WRC 2007 rugby home jersey arrived in the post the other day. I won’t go into the debacle of getting it to Switzerland, it was my fault for ordering the large size (the size of a small tent) and the Swiss customs are money swindling bastards. But, I’m digressing.

The jersey is great! Well worth the money I feel and since I haven’t invested in a jersey since the last world cup I thought it was high time to upgrade. I had been very tempted with a Lions jersey in 2005 but by the time I’d got round to buying it, the tour was over. So, this time I’ve been prepared and purchased early.

The new tight fitting jerseys have made a huge impact, if not from the functional point of view, then certainly from the physcological point of view. When I saw the Scottish forwards coming out for the game against Ireland I was sure they were “supplementing” the team dinner as those guys were huge. I cringed gently, thought of our lads and said, “this is going to hurt!” Similarly in the French game on Sunday, Betsen and Chabal looked even more immense-r (I know it’s not a word!) than normal. It would put the fear of God into me having to line up against them.

I remember back to the last World Cup and the ridicule England got when they appeared from the tunnel in the skin tight outfit. But, in hindsight it’s amazing no one thought of it before. When you see the jerseys our players had to put up with, they may as well have been wearing green Aran sweaters. The tigther fit means better ventilation to keep cool and less chance of Chabal catching hold of you, as you find the gap, and pummeling you into the turf. So I’m all for the lycra fit, the rubberised polymer along the chest, the light weight poly-cotton fabric and anything else to avoid getting squashed by a few forwards.

And with that in mind I’m off to “refine” the beer gut so I have the right curves under the jersey. To get the six pack, you have to start with a keg. Wish me luck!



  1. It has actually gorwn on me quite a bit. I wasn’t all that impressed when I first saw the new jersey.

    Course they don’t do the women’s version without the 02 branding. Which is a bit crap.

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