Posted by: Gerry | August 27, 2007

Latest IRB Rankings

Ireland have moved up to fifth in the latest IRB rankings, as reported by

We move ahead of Pool D rivals Argentina because of our win over Italy on Friday night, and the fact that Argentina’s match against a cobbled-together Belgian side didn’t count towards the rankings. (As an aside, at least Belgians can put a rugby team together. Maybe whoever did that should be seconded as an adviser to King Albert, who is having great difficulty trying to put a government in place, three months after the last election.)

It’s not good reading for our Caledonian cousins, as they drop out of the top ten on the eve of the game’s global showpiece.

Full rankings:

(1) New Zealand 93.38 rating points
(2) Australia 87.03
(3) France 86.90
(4) South Africa 85.40
(5) Ireland 81.42
(6) Argentina 81.05
(7) England 78.89
(8) Wales 76.45
(9) Italy 75.07
(10) Samoa 74.97


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