Posted by: theswissjob | August 25, 2007

How, why and where?

What happened? Have we won?

Who won?

Where and when…did he touch it down??

Damn BBC Northern Ireland and the fact they don’t broadcast in Switzerland. Very narrow minded of them if you ask me. So all I have to go on today are some write ups, a few photos and a dodgy Italian video on You Tube? Was it as bad as they say? Did we get away with murder? Is our World Cup over before its begun? So many questions!

From what I gather the Italians were very unlucky. I’ve read our forwards didn’t dominate up front. I’ve also read that apart from the first ten minutes our back line were “frustrated” by the Italian defence. Now credit to the Italians where credits due but a few months ago our back line tore the Italians to shreds. Is it a case of them improving or us going backwards? Along with that there are accounts of bad decision making, poor passing, under-performing back row forwards, dodgy refereeing decisions, crowds booing and more. I get the feeling, even though the scoreline reads differently, that we defended well or was Eddie just spouting after the game?

I have to admit, not having seen the game, that it doesn’t bode well. I don’t even think we can use the excuse of missing BOD and Horgan because we have very good players to take their place. Good players that have been practicing the same moves and formations since the team got together. I’m hoping this is just pre-tournament jitters and I’m thanking our lucky stars we have two “easy” games to start off the campaign. Is it courting disaster to say they could be treated as warm ups as well and our tournament only gets going when we meet the French? We shall see.



  1. They were unlucky. Or we were lucky. I’m still undecided as to whether ROG’s last minute effort should’ve been a try or not. From what I could see he did lose control of the ball, but it then went backwards, before hitting his leg, and the Italian’s leg and going forwards. After which he did touch it down.

    Couldn’t believe the difference in commentary between the Beeb and RTE though. I know Ward is always pessimistic, but honestly, did Ryle have to jump on board too?

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