Posted by: theswissjob | August 24, 2007

Stump the ref!

During the six nations this year the BBC had a great feature called Quiz the Ref. I hope they repeat it for the World Cup. Essentially people put in questions to an international referee who then answered a selection of them. The questions ranged from queries about the laws of the game to how referees prepare for a match. It’s well worth a read as it cleared up a lot of questions for me.

Thinking I’d try my hand at it, I put this stumper in:

Can you explain a little behind the history of the 22m line? Why 22 and not 25 or 20?

I’m not that old, so unfortunately I can’t tell you the history of it! I know it was called the 25-yard line before we moved into the metric system. Sorry, I can’t help you on that.

And he answered! Of course I now know it’s a crap question but I always thought it strange that they chose 22 instead of a nice round number. Now I know! It was the yards that mattered.


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