Posted by: Rambling Man | August 24, 2007

Does the Irish team pick itself ?

Given recent performances – and losing ones at that – much has been made of Ireland’s lack of stregth in depth. Everyone I know who likes rugby, when asked, has said that “we should be OK” if the full team is out. And so we should …

But what is YOUR “full team” ? Who do you think are the best, fully fit, full strength XV to play, given the squad that was selected. Would it differ from the below ? What are the positions still up for grabs – or are there any ? Has O’Sullivan made up his mind about full back ? What about the back row ?

15. Dempsey
14. Horgan
13. O’Driscoll
12. D’Arcy
11. Hickie
10. O’Gara
9. Stringer
1. Horan
2. Best
3. Hayes
4. O’Callaghan
5. O’Connell
6. Easterby
7. Wallace
8. Leamy
Selections in the comments please …



  1. That’s pretty much it, except Geordan Murphy would have an equal claim to the fullback position. Also, I’d have a fully-fit Jerry Flannery at hooker any day over Best.

  2. looks like best is going to start. dempsey might get the nod over murphy, though i’m with you on that one. thats the team i think will start the france match (if horgan is fit)

  3. I agree. I think the forwards pick themselves but there’s a bit of space in the backs. Murphy is my preference at full back and I’m a fan of Trimbles but can’t see him getting a spot once Horgan and BOD are back.

  4. I have to agree with Gerry on Flannery. Even though his lineout throwing started out a bit ropey against the Scots, his darts are far more accurate than Best. Busier around the park as well. No Munster bias here!!

    The rest pick themselves when fully fit. It’s the selection of the bench that could make the difference. My selection would be:

    16. R. Best
    17. S. Best
    18. E. Reddan
    19. P. Wallace
    20. A. Quinlan
    21. G. Murphy
    22. M. O’Kelly

    Any thoughts?

  5. The main problem with that team, and the bench picked by Munstermad (which is probably 6/7 correct) is there is no plan B. We will bash it up, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll bash it up again. Not having the option of any forward who will pro-actively link into back play is a massive problem with this squad.

  6. i think leaving gleeson at home was a wrong choice

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