Posted by: theswissjob | August 23, 2007

Stretching the legs…

So this is my first post for the blog and as always it’s good to have a proper strecthing seesion to start off before getting into the “trench warfare” of international rugby reporting. So, to break you (and me) in gently I thought I’d draw your attention to a new fantasy rugby game developed for the upcoming world cup.

L’Oreal Fantasy Rugby Game

Now I know you thought you’d never see the words “L’Oreal” and “rugby” in the same sentence but it’s true and turns out to be a pretty nifty game (there’s a 42 inch plasma TV up for grabs!). It’s free to enter and you pick your fifteen players. The only limitation is that you can have a maximum of three players from any one country.

Here’s my team (but I’m likely to change this multiple times) for the tournament:


  • R. Ibanez (Fra)
  • J. Smit (SA)
  • C. Hayman (NZ)

Second Rows:

  • P. O’Connell (Ire) – naturally!
  • V. Matfield (SA)

Back Rows:

  • N. Easter (Eng)
  • R. Mc Caw (NZ)
  • S. Burger (SA)

Scrum Half:

  • J.B. Elissalde (Fra)

Fly Half and Kicker:

  • D. Carter (NZ)


  • S. Mortlock (Aus)
  • G. D’Arcy (Ire)


  • C. Latham (Aus)
  • L. Tuqiri (Aus)
  • D. Hickie (Ire)

Think you can do better, or can tell me how to do better? Stick it in the comments!



  1. […] Stretching the legs… […]

  2. I too have joined in the L’Oreal Fantasy. This is mine:

    J Smit (SA)
    R Ibanez (FRA)
    A Sheridan (ENG)

    P O’Connell (IRE)
    V Matfield (SA)

    D Wallace (IRE)
    R McCaw (NZ)
    M Bergamasco (ITA) – Just a feeling.

    G Gregan (AUS)

    D Carter (NZ)

    G D’Arcy (IRE)
    D Traille (FRA)

    J Rokocoko (NZ)
    C Dominici (FRA)
    C Latham (AUS)

  3. Nice one John. I thought we should set up a Private league for Fear of God readers and writers! You can join the league by clicking “Enter New LEague” under the team selection screen. The PIN is 915.

  4. Here’s my selection – I’ll be on for the private league as well. Good idea!

    M Ledesma (ARG)
    R Ibanez (FRA)
    M Castrogiovanni (ITA)

    M Bortolami (ITA)
    B Botha (SA)

    I Harinordoquy (FRA)
    R McCaw (NZ)
    M Bergamasco (ITA)

    D Peel (WAL)

    R O’Gara (IRE)

    S Mortlock (AUS)
    B O’Driscoll (IRE)

    S Sivivatu (NZ)
    C Latham (AUS)
    D Hickie (IRE)

  5. Welcome to the Fear of God league Munstermad! May the battle commence!

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