Posted by: johncav | August 23, 2007

Fantasy Rugby?

Good afternoon to you all. This is my first contribution here at The Fear Of God. I shall follow the lead of The Swiss Job and keep it brief and nonchalant.

This initial contribution is also concerned with a fantasy World Cup game. The Heineken Fantasy Rugby Game 2007 in fact. Whilst trawling through the players list, I noticed something interesting…

According to their ratings system – with an impressive 7.0 out of 10 stars – the indomitable Alan Quinlan is the fifth best back row at the World Cup. He is bettered only by a clutch of All Blacks in his position.

Now, I’m a massive fan of the Munster man, but even I would have to question this evaluation. What say you? Is this rating a bizarre anomaly? Or have the guys at Heineken merely taken into account his considerable versatility and experience?

Either way, Alan Quinlan, you are a most worthwhile addition to the panel. Roll on Argentina!



  1. this game is using the same gaming engine as innumerable other ones like it – the irish times’ one is exactly the same …

  2. and yes, alan quinlan rocks

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