Posted by: Gerry | August 22, 2007

News Round-up, 22 August

England’s Elite Director of Rugby, Rob Andrew, makes a couple of headlines today. First off, he’s “concerned” over England’s RWC defence (Planet Rugby). By that he means defence of their title, not necessarily the porous nature of their defence on the field. I would have thought that “Given up hope” would be closer to the mark.Meanwhile, he’s also pointing his finger at the the All Blacks (BBC), saying that the ban on the players’ WAGs shows how much pressure New Zealand are under.Quotes from yesterday’s Irish press conference during which the team for Friday night’s clash with Italy was announced. Coach Eddie O’Sullivan and captain Paul O’Connell say their pieces.Meanwhile, Eddie tells the Indo that he hopes the team make it through unscathed in Ravenhill. Don’t we all, Eddie, don’t we all?And finally, another coach with plenty on his mind. Jake White is unhappy with the Springboks’ performance in Galway last night, when they could only manage an 18-3 win over the lowest-ranked Irish province. Complacency is being blamed for the poor show.


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